Hijacket a jacket fashion special one for hijabers. Inspired from hijabers need to look closed and still modist. To keep such high standards and reasonable prices, we design and manufacture every single item ourselves, although we do like to collaborate with interesting and inspiring people.

Alhamdulillah Hijacket have been used a few Around the World like Switzerland, 






Do you know what? I don’t have special clothes for climbing mountains, I just dressed up in comfortable clothes, actually very comfortable. I bought this one from an Indonesian website, from Indonesia. Frankly it’s very comfortable for veiled women who want to play sports because it’s very long and comfortable as well and sportive. I will show you how you can buy it because honestly it’s very nice for veiled women who want to play sports outdoors. ❤️❤️

Kim Miso كيم ميسو | Korea

“It was summer 16-210 C in Turkey. Hijacket warm & comfy”

Nisa Cookie | Celebgram | At Turkey

“I wear Hijacket travel around Europe. Very good & comfort. Still comfortable to wear even though the temperature of 0 degrees celsius at Swiss. And comfortable too in France, German with 6 degrees celcius. I really recommend Hijacket”

Dyla Puspita | Using For Europe Tour

“Saya tinggal di Mesir, dan ketika tau ada jaket khusus hijaber, saya langsung tertarik. Recommended”

Alyfa | Mesir

“Warna lucu banget, cocok banget buat musim dingin. Buat hijaber pilihan yang tepat.”

Rifka Martha | Public Figure

“Hijacket selain menjadi jaket sehari-hari menutup aurat juga lho. Warna-warnanya bagus-bagus banget, modelnya banget. Cocok banget buat para Hijabers”

Nurul Hikmah | Moslem Model

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Sukaaaaaaaaaaa ❤️”

Ayu Indrianti | Host HalalLiving NetTV